The UN delegation visited the Dnestrovsky Sad tourist complex in Dubossary

03/01/22 20:04

The UN delegation visited the Dnestrovsky Sad tourist complex in Dubossary

They came to know how Ukrainian citizens have lived there

Dubossary, March 01/Novosti Pridnestrovya/. The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees in Moldova Bertrand Blank visited the Dubossary Dnestrovsky Sad tourist and hotel complex, where citizens from Ukraine are accommodated. The meeting was attended by representatives of the PMR Foreign Affairs Ministry and the Dubossary state administration. The foreign delegation members were interested in every living condition of visitors.

“We welcomed people from Ukraine, tested them for Covid-19. There’re 3 infected families. They are in the Dubossary hospital and treat for free. Every person who arrived is registered and gets rooms. Our rooms are comfortable, there’re TVs, refrigerators, air conditioners. All living conditions are decent. We can accommodate about 30 adults and more with children. We accommodated 22-27 people per day. The Internal Affairs Ministry employees are keeping the watch round-the-clock,” Dnestrovsky Sad director Lyudmila Tsekhovich described.

Assistance in organizational issue solving is provided by the town and state administrations. Accommodation and food for foreign citizens are financed at the local budget expense. Children from Ukraine are given the opportunity to visit kindergartens and schools.

“The opportunity to attend kindergartens and schools will be for children who’re living in a hotel or who’re residing with relatives in Dubossary.” the deputy head of the Dubossary state administration for social issues Natalia Kravets noted.

A collection point for things essential items for those who came from a neighboring country has also been opened in Dubossary.

The UN delegation representatives were interested in how leisure activities are organized for children in the town. Lyudmila Tsekhovich noted that there’re enough places in Dubossary where everyone can spend time in an interesting way and with benefits.

Due to the fact that customs checkpoints on the Ukrainian border have been closed since February 28, the flow of people has decreased and foreigners began to come to Dubossary through Moldovan checkpoints. Currently, there’s only one family in the hotel (it’s a woman with three children), who came from Moldova from the Chernivtsi region of Ukraine.

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees in Moldova Bertrand Blank thanked Dubossary citizens for helping citizens from Ukraine and examined the Dnestrovsky Sad hotel rooms, which accommodates visitors.

It should be noted that today the UN delegation also met with the Operational Headquarters leadership, visited the Solnechny sanatorium, and the Pervomaisk-Kuchurgan checkpoint.


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