Ситуация в Украине

10/16/23 17:53
417 children study in the republic’s schools
01/30/23 11:01
Now there are 128 people in temporary accommodation centers
01/16/23 16:24
Now there are 131 guests in temporary residence centers
10/11/22 14:38
Explosions occurred on the territory of Ukraine, about 3 km from the state border with Pridnestrovie
10/03/22 09:57
More than 1.9 thousand citizens have used refugee centers during this time
09/12/22 13:35
Now almost 400 children attend Pridnestrovian schools, while 267 kids go to kindergartens
07/19/22 16:04
Representatives of the organization visited the republic and met with the Deputy Foreign Minister
07/04/22 17:30
Vadim Krasnoselsky again reminded about the republic`s peaceful intentions
07/04/22 17:00
Vadim Krasnoselsky stressed that the Pridnestrovian army doesn't plan an attack, but will defend when necessary
06/20/22 13:30
Now there were about 179 guests in temporary residences on the republic territory
05/06/22 15:47
The delegation of the International Committee visited Tiraspol today
04/13/22 12:04
Temporary centers were attended by more than 1.5 thousand people
04/07/22 17:38
The PMR Foreign Minister met with the delegation of the International Committee of the Red Cross