Moldova is trying to prevent Pridnestrovie`s interaction with the world community

10/06/22 15:07

Moldova is trying to prevent Pridnestrovie`s interaction with the world community

The PMR MFA commented on the inappropriate reaction of the Moldovan representative to Manakov's speech at the UN

Tiraspol, October 6. /Novosti Pridnestrovya/. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Pridnestrovie drew attention to the inappropriate reaction of the office of the Moldovan representative for political issues regarding the participation of the Head of the Official Representation of the PMR in the Russian Federation, Leonid Manakov, in the 51st session of the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva.

The comment was published on the official website of the PMR Ministry of Foreign Affairs:

“Let us recall that the leadership of the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic, elected following the Constitution of the PMR in free democratic elections, and legally established authorities, including the diplomatic service of the country, are the only legitimate representatives of the Pridnestrovian people`s interests and, on their behalf, participate in the negotiation process and any other formats of international communication. It is curious that the Moldovan political representative`s office, which has been participating in negotiations with authorized representatives of the Pridnestrovian authorities for many years, could forget this indisputable fact.

It is also obvious that the Moldovan side can only represent its political concerns, which fundamentally contradict the interests and expectations of the citizens of the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic. This is confirmed by the systemic refusal of the Republic of Moldova to implement previously reached agreements with Pridnestrovie, impeding the import of medicines, fertilizers, and other vital categories of goods to the PMR. Restrictions in the banking and financial sector, politically motivated criminal prosecution of citizens, and other problems created by Chisinau worsen the Pridnestrovians` life.

In this context, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs states that the best thing that the Moldovan side can do is to immediately and fully fulfill its obligations in the framework of the negotiation process and thereby alleviate the situation not only for the citizens of Pridnestrovie but also for their citizens living on the territory of Moldova.

We note that any anti-democratic attempts to interfere with the interaction of Pridnestrovie with the UN, other international organizations, and the world community are dead-ended and unpromising.”


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