The Pridnestrovian leadership appealed to the UN and the OSCE

11/22/22 10:58

The Pridnestrovian leadership appealed to the UN and the OSCE

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The PMR President Vadim Krasnoselsky addressed the UN and the OSCE, sending official letters to the leaders of these organizations - Antonio Guterres and Helga Maria Schmid. The PMR Supreme Council Chairman Alexander Korshunov in addition to the PMR President signed the appeals. The letters deal with the emerging crisis situation in Pridnestrovie.

The authors of the appeals focused on the fact that Pridnestrovie strictly follows the principles of neutrality, commitment to peace and non-intervention in the existing geopolitical realities, calling on the Moldovan leadership to this as well. It was noted that the current situation deserves close attention from the OSCE and the UN and requires the international community to take urgent measures to prevent a humanitarian catastrophe in Pridnestrovie. The priority should be the resumption of Moldova's fulfillment of its contractual obligations for gas supplies to the PMR, as well as the start of a direct dialogue between Moldova and Russia and Ukraine to resolve the gas issue and restore Russian gas supplies at the same level. The signatories called on the leadership of two significant international organizations to influence the Moldovan leadership in order to put an end to energy and economic blackmail and prevent a humanitarian catastrophe in Pridnestrovie as soon as possible.


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