07/18/16 19:16
The relevant parliamentary committee is arguing against this proposal
07/11/16 20:28
This is what the finance minister, Irina Molokanova, said during a government meeting today
05/19/16 18:14
The relevant parliamentary committee recommends the session to do so
04/28/16 20:25
The president, however, has vetoed some articles of the law
04/20/16 21:18
This is what Yevgeny Shevchuk said during the Journalists Invite show on First Pridnestrovian
04/19/16 19:37
An issue concerning the debt repayment to state employees using the loan was also discussed during the meeting
04/13/16 10:58
Budget of the Uniform State Social Insurance Fund is also passed
03/28/16 20:08
The finance minister, Irina Molokanova, has commented on budget amendments submitted by people's deputies for the second reading
03/24/16 21:59
The anti-crisis amendments are being debated as for their efficiency in addressing economic challenges amid reduced tax allocations to the budget
03/23/16 18:16
Next week the Supreme Council is to consider the law on 2016 budget on second reading. On 30 March lawmakers are supposed to discuss more than 100 amendments to the main financial document. With the third reading yet to come, we are unlikely to see the ultimate variant by the end of the first quarter
03/21/16 15:08
The document may pass its second reading next week
03/15/16 10:53
The head of state thinks that the problem of the Pridnestrovian budget lies deeper than a search for a billion roubles