03/15/19 14:23
Due to the development of the economy and increasing its transparency, the state Treasury received 372 million rubles more
12/26/18 19:14
The document will take effect on January 1 of the following year
08/07/18 21:16
The government considered the main parameters of the document. According to preliminary data, revenues without trust funds will amount to 1.056 billion rubles; while spending will make about 2.819 billion rubles
07/04/18 15:41
Reducing government spending will not affect wages and pensions
05/22/18 17:36
The budget's priorities will be steady salaries and pensions, including increased salaries in the public sector
05/16/18 23:42
Prime minister Alexander Martynov presented in Moscow a concept of fiscal and tax policy and an investment law of the PMR
02/07/18 14:30
The parties exchanged views on the state of public finances
11/23/17 13:49
At the moment, according to lawmakers, the funds allocated foк this now are insufficient
03/24/17 15:10
The president said "millions of dollars" had already been returned to the budget