The President held an extended meeting. The main issue is the draft budget 2020

11/26/19 19:12

The President held an extended meeting. The main issue is the draft budget 2020

The meeting initiated by Vadim Krasnoselsky was held at the Presidential Executive Office. They talked about the draft of the main financial document of next year. Opening the working discussion, the PMR President emphasized the importance of high-quality preparation of the law-in-draft, voicing the basic principle of budgeting: you can spend what you earned, and everything you earned should be spent on the needs of citizens, improvement and development of the republic. The Heads of state administrations identified in the presence of the President, as well as the leadership of the legislative and executive branches of Government, the main points related to the upcoming filling of the state treasury at the expense of municipal revenues and the allocation of funds from it to maintain cities and regions of the republic. In the future, Tiraspol and Bendery are seen as non-subsidized. The rest are still counting on transfers and subsidies. In general, all administrations note the expected revenue growth.

The capital already this year was able to return the received transfers to the republican budget, so that, in fact, the non-subsidized period of its financial history has already started, the Head of the city shared. Incoming revenues will help not to lower this bar in the future, says Oleg Dovgopol. The changes proposed by the Government for next year, related to the splitting and income tax, can lead to under-receipt of 26 million rubles in the city treasury. The leadership of the executive branch of power argues this step by saying that these funds will return to the capital - through state programs, for the financing of which real sources are needed. In addition, the first deputy chairman of the Government Tatyana Kirova told about plans to create a fund to stimulate and develop cities and regions. Its size is 22.7 million rubles. The funds will be used to provide educational institutions with sports equipment, equip chemistry, physics and biology classrooms, centralized acquisition of workbooks for primary school students, as well as toys and educational materials for preschool children.

Oleg Dovgopol spoke about the special status of Tiraspol, which requires significant costs. In this regard, the Minister of Finance announced the development of the state program "The Capital", the amount of financing of which is 1.7 million rubles. Continuing the theme, the Head of Tiraspol emphasized that it is important to pay attention not only to the appearance of the city, but also to bringing socially significant objects into proper condition. It was, for example, about the republican stadium. In 2020, it is planned to be transferred to the city administration, and the sports complex, which, in addition to the arena itself, includes wrestling and boxing, football, gymnastics and acrobatics schools, is not in the best condition. After discussing all aspects, they agreed that this object is significant, its repair is included in the immediate plans, but it is not a priority. They will continue to restore, but will do it in stages.

Vadim Krasnoselsky urged to analyze each proposal, evaluate and compare the condition of objects, taking as a basis when making the final decision the factor of ensuring the safety of citizens. If we talk, for example, about a program related to updating the bus fleet and the electric transport network, for the implementation of which it is proposed to allocate 40 million rubles, then, according to the President, there is no rush. A significant part of these funds can be spent on providing educational institutions with fire alarm systems (only in Tiraspol 5.5 million rubles are needed for these needs) and solving problems related to the sanitary condition of bathrooms and food units in schools and kindergartens (the capital will need 14 million), and to return to the issue of acquiring buses and trolleybuses later, Vadim Krasnoselsky considers. The topic of ensuring fire safety in schools and kindergartens is in any case under the personal control of the President. The problem should be solved at the state level, Vadim Krasnoselsky aimed, instructing without fail to allocate ten million rubles from the capital investment fund-2020 for the purchase and installation of the corresponding systems. This will be the first stage of work in this direction.

The Head of the Tiraspol administration and the preliminary calculation of the capital costs associated with the preparation for the celebration of the 75th anniversary of the Great Victory outlined. 1.6 million rubles will be needed to restore the monuments. One of the largest objects is the Memorial of Glory (a complex requiring improvement, covers an area of ​​9300 square meters). The President noted that preparing for the anniversary of the Victory of the Soviet people in the Great Patriotic War is a matter of state scale, which involves the operation of the state program and general funding.

The Head of the Bendery administration expressed fears that the city would not be able to do without subsidies for twelve months - state support might be needed at some times, but in general, Roman Ivanchenko is confident that Bendery will be able to maintain the status of non-subsidization by the end of the year. Among the additional expenses for the city next year, Roman Ivanchenko outlined the costs associated with the maintenance and operation of the swimming pool, opening of which is scheduled for December 2019, as well as the payment of salaries to employees of Spetszelenstroy. For several years, the activities of employees providing landscaping and landscaping of the city were paid for under the heading “Other”, that is, according to the residual principle. To change the situation, it is necessary to provide for appropriate financing, the Head noted. They spoke about the need to purchase special equipment for concreting the roadbed and its maintenance in the winter. In addition, Roman Ivanchenko called for taking into account the congestion of roads when allocating funds for their repair and maintenance. He also raised the topic of street lighting. Its payment costs the city 1.8 million rubles a year. The tariff of 67 kopecks, according to Roman Ivanchenko, is unbearably high. The Head of the Bendery administration asked about the possibility of revising it downward.

The Head of Dubossary spoke about the high cost of electricity and the fact that it is necessary to turn off street lighting at night. Discussing the draft future budget of the republic, Ruslan Chaban outlined the urgent need to repair the road in the central part of the city. The aspect to which he asks to pay attention is the specificity of the district administration: unlike the city administration, it is responsible for the villages, which are more often mentioned in the item of expenditure than income of the district. Assessing the parameters of the Pridnestrovian budget-2020, Ruslan Chaban noted that, from the point of view of Dubossary, they are more positive than in 2019. A similar assessment was given to the project by the head of the Kamenka district Vladimir Bychkov, the Head of the Slobodzeya administration, Vasily Tishchenko, and their Rybnitsa colleague Viktor Tyagay.

Consideration of the draft budget for 2020 in first reading is scheduled for December 4. The discussion will take place at the parliamentary venue during the next plenary Supreme Council of the PMR.


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