Russia's presidential advisor: it is a great success of the present government of the PMR

05/16/18 23:42

Russia's presidential advisor: it is a great success of the present government of the PMR

Prime minister Alexander Martynov presented in Moscow a concept of fiscal and tax policy and an investment law of the PMR

Tiraspol, 16 May. /Novosti Pridnestrovya/. The prime minister is on a working visit to Moscow. Among the key meetings in his schedule was an appearance at Moscow State University where Alexander Martynov presented two important documents: a concept of budgetary and taxation policies and an investment law. The MSU meeting was also attended by head of the central bank Vladislav Tidva and deputy economic development minister Maria Glushkova.

In his speech, Alexander Martynov outlined the country's economic situation in 2017 and this year.

"Among last year's problems are the state budget deficit - above 10% of GDP, the banking crisis, negative dynamics in terms of output and exports. This also includes a high share of the shadow market and a high degree of the offshore economy. Many enterprises worked offshore. All this put the economy into a tailspin, which might cause negative consequences," the prime minister said.

At the same time, he noted that only the joint work of all branches of power and the recommendations of Russian experts had helped to stabilize the situation. Alexander Martynov spoke in detail about the concept of budgetary and fiscal policy, which the government had worked on for over a year.

In addition, he presented the investment law. To encourage investors to invest in the economy of Pridnestrovie, to promote the creation of new enterprises and additional jobs - these are the main objectives of the document.

The investment law will come into force on 1 June 2018.

Russia's presidential advisor on regional and economic integration Sergey Glazyev commented on Alexander Martynov's speech. In his opinion, Pridnestrovie can become "an example of trust between the government, business and society."

"Far from all citizens of Pridnestrovie feel this growth rate in terms of their income, but the fact that the growth is measured in double digits in conditions where there is practically zero growth in the post-Soviet space, I think, is a great success of the current government of the PMR... They proved their efficiency. I think they deserve trust and support from the Russian Federation, and, of course, from the citizens of the PMR," Glazyev noted.


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