03/02/16 20:47
Pridnestrovian lawmakers have approved the country’s main financial document
03/01/16 16:22
The district pays 12 million roubles a month to municipal employees. The most part of this amount accounts for teachers' salaries
02/29/16 12:38
Yelena Lyulka: with the planned 50 million roubles the capital's coffers have received only 27 million in January - February
01/18/16 15:25
Chiefly, it is due to pension and salary arrears
12/28/15 15:21
On this day the next parliamentary session is to take place
12/16/15 12:27
The 2016 draft budget, approved by the government, provides for an average increase in a minimum salary calculation unit up to 7.35 roubles
12/10/15 19:57
The financial document provides for a 3% indexation of salaries in February and for another 2% in July 2016
12/01/15 14:14
This issue was discussed at a meeting, which President Shevchuk held with government members
10/29/15 15:06
The special duty has been paid by 14 economic agents from Pridnestrovie