Amendments to draft law on 2015 republican budget approved

01/20/16 11:59

Amendments to draft law on 2015 republican budget approved

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Tiraspol, 20 January. /Novosti Pridnestrovya/. Amendments to a draft law on The republican budget for 2015 and the planning period of 2016−2017 were discussed in first reading at a regular session of the Supreme Council.

Presenting the draft law, the finance minister, Irina Molokanova, noted that the increase in planned revenues and expenditures of the republican and, consequently, consolidated budgets was due to humanitarian assistance.

Since the beginning of the current financial year the republican budget has received a total of 1,781,100 roubles of Russia's humanitarian aid, which has been distributed among budget beneficiaries.

Limits on fuel and energy consumption have also been reviewed for a number of budget-funded institutions.

The increase in planned revenues and expenditures of the republican (and consequently, consolidated) budget was also due to increased revenues from paid services and other activities.

Thus, the latest edition of the 2015 consolidated budget provides for the following figures:

— revenues — 2,554,049,237 roubles;

— maximum expenditures — 4,870,326,2017 roubles;

— maximum deficit — no more than 1,951,897,349 roubles, or 40.1% of maximum expenditures.

Budget parameters of republican and local budgets were also amended.

MPs approved the draft law in first reading.


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