Indebtedness on social protection items increases last year

01/18/16 15:25

Indebtedness on social protection items increases last year

Chiefly, it is due to pension and salary arrears
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Tiraspol, 18 January. /Novosti Pridnestrovya/. Last year the country saw a rise in the republican budget's indebtedness on social protection items. According to preliminary data (final data to be known in February), its amount has reached 126 million roubles.

«This refers to medication costs (about 18.4 million roubles), including insulin and hemodialysis medications. Another 11.8 million of arrears accounts for food products, prosthesis operations (850,000 roubles) and maintenance of children's asylums, which received only minimum essential funding," said a deputy finance minister, head of the Kaznacheistvo state agency, Natalya Yevdokomova.

There is also a debt of 41.5 million roubles to the Unitary Social Insurance Fund. This is the money the fund spent to pay off pension debts and additional payments. This was done at the expense of the fund's own money and now it should be reimbursed from the republican budget.

Local budgets also fell short of sufficient funding provided for in the 2015 budget.

«The republican budget's deficit did not allow us to fund transfers in the volume stipulated in the 2015 budget and, accordingly, to pay off salary debts. The salary debt of local budgets amounts to about 108 million roubles and that of the republican budget to nearly 195 million roubles," said Natalya Yevdokimova.

Other, non-social, budget items were also not executed at an amount of about 64.3 million roubles. They were financed by a leftover principle to maintain regular activities of institutions and agencies.