Fall in local budget revenues observed in Tiraspol

02/29/16 12:38

Fall in local budget revenues observed in Tiraspol

Yelena Lyulka: with the planned 50 million roubles the capital's coffers have received only 27 million in January - February
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Tiraspol, 29 February. /Novosti Pridnestrovya/. The deterioration of economic situation is observed in Tiraspol.

«The situation has significantly worsened. We are forecasting a critical point in March," said the head of the Tiraspol and Dnestrovsk State Administration, Andrey Bezbabchenko, during an operational meeting today.

According to the head's first deputy, Yelena Lyulka, with the planned 25 million roubles the municipal budget received only 17 million (67%) in January.

«The local budget fell short of 8 million roubles. In February the situation is almost the same. The revenue plan has been fulfilled at 66%. If compared with the same period in 2015, Tiraspol's budget revenues have decreased by 5 million roubles," said Yelena Lyulka.

She specified that the city paid wages in due time thanks to the fund balance as of 1 January 2016. There was a carry-over balance as of 1 February as well.

«The analysis of budget revenues shows that the actual revenues have amounted to 27 million against the planned 50 million roubles. The salary budget is 33 million roubles. Let us hope we will fulfil the revenue plan in March. If the planned indicators remain at the level of January-February, salaries will not be paid on schedule," noted Yelena Lyulka.

According to her, the municipal budget shortfalls have chiefly accounted for income tax — 7.8 million roubles.

«However, salaries have been paid on schedule in Tiraspol in the first two months. It should be noted that the July — August salary indebtedness to Dnestrovsk's public sector employees is planned to be paid off in March. It amounts to about 600,000 roubles," concluded the first deputy.

There is also a decline in entrepreneurial activity in Tiraspol.

«The number of lease contracts has fallen from 106 in 2015 to 82 concluded this year. As a result, the amount of payments has also reduced from 154,000 roubles in 2015 to 126,000 roubles this year. Many leasers have payment arrears. Ten of them have delayed payments for over three months," said the deputy head on economic development and entrepreneurship, Yelena Kozhokar.

According to the February data, 23 legal entities have liquidated in Tiraspol. There remain about 3,000 of such entities today.


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