Parliamentary committee considers 2016 budget amendments

03/21/16 15:08

Parliamentary committee considers 2016 budget amendments

The document may pass its second reading next week

Tiraspol, 21 March. /Novosti Pridnestrovya/. The committee on economic policy, budget and finance have considered today amendments to the country's main financial document, submitted ahead of the second reading. According to the committee's chairman, Alexander Martynov, there are over 100 of them altogether. It is planned to finish the consideration of amendments by the end of this week and prepare the document for the second reading by the next plenary session.

Some of amendments, approved by MPs, deal with state-run programmes, including those for capital investment and for the development of road facilities, as well as the cost estimate for state bodies. It was proposed to approve such programmes with laws rather than by-laws.

Another amendment provides for the exclusion of a norm in compliance with which 5% of the approved payroll budget may be used as an additional bonus for public sector employees.

According to the government, with only part of saved funds being allocated for these purposes, this material reward will stimulate public sector workers.

«When a person takes a sick leave, someone has to fulfil his duties, and it appears that we save on the payroll budget. Such a reward is a common practice as the workload increases," said the minister of finance, Irina Molokanova.

Following the discussion, the government has managed to maintain the existing norm.

Amendments will be further discussed at working meetings with government bodies and at the committee's meetings.

On 2 March 2016 the Supreme Council approved the 2016 budget on first reading. Through the joint efforts of the government and the parliament, almost 250 amendments were made to the draft law. To become a law, the bill must pass three readings.


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