Budget 2016 passed in final reading

04/13/16 10:58

Budget 2016 passed in final reading

Budget of the Uniform State Social Insurance Fund is also passed
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Tiraspol, 13 April. /Novosti Pridnestrovya/. The Supreme Council has considered the republican draft budget in the third and final reading. After consideration of amendments, the main financial document of the country has been passed by the third reading.

The budget of the Uniform State Social Insurance Fund has been also passed.

«All amendments have been considered in the committee, there are no remarks under the amendments», — the Finance Minister Irina Molokanova noted.

It is a reminder that the previous day the Committee on Economic Policy, Budget and Finance considered all estimates of the programs and the trust funds which according to the deputy amendments are adopted not by the Government, but by the Supreme Council in the budget legislative schedule now.

The right of the Government and the responsible executives of the fund to borrow means on debt repayment to the state employees and the pensioners on the additional monthly help is stated in the republican and USSIF draft budgets.

The draft was considered in the first reading on March 2, the second reading was on March 30. When it is passed in the third reading, it goes to the President for signature.


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