MPs intend to override president's veto on individual budget items

05/19/16 18:14

MPs intend to override president's veto on individual budget items

The relevant parliamentary committee recommends the session to do so

Tiraspol, 19 May. /Novosti Pridnestrovya/. Today, the Supreme Council's committee on economic policy, budget and finance has considered the president's veto on individual budget items.

Presenting the president's position, the finance minister, Irina Molokanova, noted that taking into account the current dynamics of budget revenues and economic situation, in 2016 the budget may receive about 1.4 billion roubles, «which is 1.2 billion less than the amount 'declared' when considering [the budget] in the Supreme Council». This is due to a decrease in business activities of domestic economic agents and, as a result, a reduction in budget revenues. Thus, in the 1st quarter of 2016 republican and local budgets received 76 million roubles less than in the same period of 2015.

In this connection, the president thinks the budget parameters drafted by MPs to be ungrounded.

«It is better to admit that these funds will not come than speak about a balanced budget and think afterwards what to do," said Irina Molokanova.

The minister noted that there are already difficulties with financing public sector wages. In the 1st quartet the finance ministry had to take up a 50 million-rouble bank loan for this purpose. Also in this period wages were paid at an amount of 175 million roubles out of 642 million roubles of annual loan volume.

At the same time, such items as procurement of medications and food were not funded. «As of 20 April 2016, arrears on medications amounted to 7.3 million roubles, arrears on food to 14.1 million roubles," reads the veto's substantiation.

With regard to the above mentioned facts, the president proposes to exclude some articles of the 2016 budget law and to amend some other articles, bringing them to accord with the existing economic situation.

Answering lawmakers' questions about the government's further fulfilment of its social functions, the minister emphasised that money would be allocated for the payment of wages and pensions, but medications and food would be funded as possible.

Committee members disagreed with the president's veto and recommended the session to override it.

«We have received the unbalanced budget. In case the budget is approved in this version, its planning targets will not be achieved," said the head of the committee, Alexander Martynov.


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