MPs want to increase budget spending for treatment abroad in 2018

11/23/17 13:49

MPs want to increase budget spending for treatment abroad in 2018

At the moment, according to lawmakers, the funds allocated foк this now are insufficient

Tiraspol, 23 November. /Novosti Pridnestrovya/. The parameters of the republican budget and the budget of the Unified Fund of Social Security were discussed at a meeting of the Supreme Council committee on social policy, healthcare, labour. Committee members noted the significance of financing the social and health sectors.

They also drew attention to the need to increase funding for the training of medical personnel, including assistance to the Pridnestrovians who are sorely in need of treatment abroad, the Supreme Council's press service reports.

"Despite all the existing difficulties, some citizens receive treatment outside the PMR. These are children with pathologies, cancer patients — the number of such patients is never reduced. Unfortunately, the funds allocated for this purpose are not sufficient. We may submit an amendment to increase budget spending for this purpose in 2018. Other sources may be used to do so; it is possible this will be a capital investment programme.  The health of citizens must be a priority," said the head of the committee, Sergey Cheban. 

In addition, four public health programmes will be funded under the republican budget next year.

With regard to the budget of the Unified Fund of Social Security, Cheban promised that all reserves would be sought to fulfil the state's social obligations to citizens. This means that the payment of pensions, salaries, allowances, as well as the provision of medicines, are guaranteed. 

"In the current economic situation, there are certain difficulties in securing social guarantees, but we are working to ensure both the transparency of the budget and its replenishment," underscored Cheban.

In addition, a government member, who was present at the meeting, indicated it was necessary to discuss the capital investment programme at a representative meeting. Such a letter the Prime Minister sent the speaker of Parliament. The meeting, scheduled for 27 November, will be attended by government members, heads of state administrations and Supreme Council members.


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