10/25/19 15:02
Moldavan-Pridnestrovian cooperation in the banking sector will be discussed at the Bavarian Conference
10/25/19 14:41
According to the PMR Foreign Minister, the aggravation of the situation around the quarry may threaten the life and safety of local residents
09/19/19 13:33
According to the President of the PMR, the creation by the Moldovan side of additional difficulties hinders the process of settlement of the Moldovan-Pridnestrovian conflict
09/11/19 19:04
PMR Foreign Minister Vitaly Ignatiev spoke about the results of the meeting with Moldovan Political Representative Vasily Shova
03/27/19 17:05
The expert and representatives of the State University talked about the situation with the neighbors and the way it affects Pridnestrovie
02/28/19 17:51
Today the Russian political scientist communicated to students and to teachers of the Pridnestrovian State University within a teleconference
02/11/19 13:37
The perspective was set out to the leadership of the republic’s foreign affairs agency in the course of the expanded reporting board of the Foreign Ministry
12/24/18 13:25
Within the meeting, the interaction results in 2018 are summed up
12/18/18 16:55
Let's remind, the press conference of the Russian President will take place on December, 20
12/18/18 16:21
The head of state commented on the situation in the neighboring country