09/20/17 18:27
Foreign minister: "Moldova should adhere to the principles and procedures for the conduct of negotiations which clearly regulate the conduct of meetings in the international "5+2" format"
09/20/17 18:00
According to the foreign minister, it is much easier for Moldova to exert comprehensive pressure on Pridnestrovie and reinforce the country's blockade rather than agree to remove specific social and humanitarian problems
09/13/17 12:53
According to the expert, the UN is quite an accessible organisation for the PMR to appeal
09/12/17 19:14
The delegation is led by Ukraine's special representative on the Pridnestrovian settlement, Viktor Kryzhanovsky
09/11/17 16:12
In their view, there is no need to anticipate the intensification of the negotiating process and strengthening of the role of Austria's OSCE chairmanship
08/29/17 19:26
Moldova is continuing to escalate the situation around Pridnestrovie and under these circumstances we need to protect our statehood, underscored the president
08/16/17 13:13
Such initiatives, which are designed to exacerbate relations with Russia and to disrupt the dialogue between Tiraspol and Moscow, have recently grown in number
08/03/17 19:45
Pridnestrovie's President gave an interview to Russia-24 TV channel
08/03/17 16:55
"In fact, such serious acts cannot be done by a small country with poor influence like Moldova independently," professor considers
07/29/17 13:24
It is a way to a new conflict on the Dniester which will involve Russia in a new center of tension, the diplomat notes
07/28/17 16:57
Russian Deputy Prime Minister: Wait for an answer, bunch of creeps
07/28/17 12:23
Deputy Prime Minister of Russia reports that some activists in Chisinau try to deny arrival to flight from Domodedovo on which the Russian delegation plans to take off
07/17/17 19:30
The Pridnestrovian president has commented on the official inauguration of a joint Moldo-Ukrainian customs post Pervomaysk-Kuchurgan
07/07/17 14:41
The foreign ministry has commented on the adoption by Russia's State Duma of the declaration on the situation around the PMR
07/07/17 11:26
The house has adopted a corresponding statement