Politically motivated criminal cases against Pridnestrovians should be closed

11/06/19 18:00

Politically motivated criminal cases against Pridnestrovians should be closed

President of PMR positively assessed that this process has already begun

Moscow, November 6./Novosti Pridnestrovya/. There is certain progress in the closing of political criminal cases, firstly in a long time. This was stated by President Vladimir Krasnoselskiy in an interview with the Parlamentskaya Gazeta of the Russian Federation State Duma.

«According to the representatives of Moldova, they have already closed 12 criminal cases and are ready to close another 26, in total – 38. Let me remind that in 2017 we also have closed more than a dozen criminal cases. There is a move forward and it is the main thing. It is the best progress in the history of this process» - The President said.

According to Vadim Krasnoselsky, discussing this issue «it is necessary to see the common sense». It is to audit the available material and close previously opened politically motivated criminal cases.

As of 2019, more than 200 criminal cases against officials, entrepreneurs and other residents of Pridnestrovie have been initiated in Moldova for political reasons.

The Pridnestrovian side has repeatedly raised this issue during negotiations.

To date, an agreement on the implementation of the pilot project has been reached. Its essence is that the Moldovan side undertook not to create discriminatory conditions for the movement of all Pridnestrovian officials on the territory of Moldova without exception. The Moldovan side  confirmed its obligations with an official document addressed to the representatives of the international format «5 + 2.» Moldova officially confirmed its obligations to solve the most important problem – politically motivated criminal cases against the Pridnestrovians.


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