02/07/20 10:09
Amendments to the legislation, which are being prepared by the Russian Federation Government, may be adopted in the spring session of the State Duma
02/06/20 20:40
Continued work on the country tourism logo raised the interest
02/04/20 16:46
It tells about the main attractions, museums, parks, enterprises, sports facilities, restaurants and hotels from Tiraspol to Kamenka
01/21/20 17:49
Denis Podgorny commented on the statement of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Moldova, Ion Kiku, on Ukraine’s plans to introduce restrictive measures on Pridnestrovian vehicles from April 1
01/21/20 16:52
35 musicians from Moldova applied to participate in the Europe main song competition
01/17/20 20:28
It is about work in the field of economy, rights of compatriots protection and simplified registration of Russian citizenship for the residents of Pridnestrovie
01/11/20 14:54
Over a thousand people took part in a mass running in the capital