06/08/21 11:00
They will be arranged by the staff of the Archeology Research Laboratory of the Shevchenko PSU
06/04/21 19:35
A new agreement with Link-Product company will open up additional opportunities for promoting products on the Russian market
05/26/21 15:18
Loic Ramirez and Erwan Briand plan to write an article on Pridnestrovian identity
05/24/21 10:55
All citizens, who are wishing to travel to Ukraine should provide a PCR test as well as medical insurance
05/19/21 17:32
The corresponding report is planned to be sent to the Administration of the President of the Russian Federation and the Prosecutor General's Office of the Russian Federation
05/18/21 18:54
Alexander Korshunov noted that such hearings make it possible to dive into the historical past, find out the truth about the events and understand the roots of Russian civilization and Russian culture
05/18/21 17:16
Among them are cases those involving to the Moldovan-Pridnestrovian conflict dependence
05/16/21 21:30
This week the Pridnestrovian delegation held a number of important meetings in the Russian capital
04/27/21 15:40
Vitaly Ignatiev spoke about the political, legal and historical aspects of education and the prospects for international recognition of the PMR
04/26/21 09:00
Together with other liquidators from all over the Soviet Union, they blocked radioactive emissions into the environment, preventing global radiation pollution
04/22/21 16:15
The PMR President in his Telegram channel commented on problems of negotiation process between PMR and RM
04/16/21 14:52
Gevorg Mirzayan is assured that Pridnestrovie is the most pro-Russian region in the entire post-Soviet area
04/12/21 09:18
Novosti Pridnestrovya gained insight into how else the space exploration connects with Pridnestrovie
04/01/21 19:45
We go on a weekend hike together with Maxim Chumak and his group