01/11/20 09:07
On the Day of Reserves and National Parks, we will tell you about the only state reserve in the republic
01/10/20 15:13
These are representatives of athletics, swimming and rowing
12/25/19 17:09
12/24/19 19:16
Winners will take part in qualifying Olympic tournaments
12/24/19 11:32
Fighter pilot Stepan Kolesnichenko, a native of the village of Girtop of the Grigoriopol district, died in battle during the Great Patriotic War
12/20/19 15:30
Depending on the number of children, from 40 to 60% of housing costs will be compensated by the state
12/20/19 15:19
One of the main factors are tax preferences, affordable energy resources and convenient geographical location
12/20/19 14:06
The President of the PMR said that the Moldovan authorities stole from their people their native language, replacing it with the Romanian language
12/20/19 12:44
According to the President of the PMR, this issue cannot be politicized, specialists should work on it
12/20/19 12:40
According to Vadim Krasnoselsky, Chisinau not only does not fulfil its obligations but tries to suspend the negotiation process