04/27/22 19:21
PMR Investigative Committee opened a criminal case relating to incidents of earlier explosions
04/27/22 12:09
The PMR Foreign Minister stressed that the republic hasn’t any plans or preparatory actions against the neighboring state
03/17/22 12:41
According to the Russian Foreign Ministry representative, the Russian troops' withdrawal is only possible after the complete settlement of the Moldovan-Pridnestrovian conflict
02/16/22 17:50
An article about our republic and FC Sheriff was published on the pages of a popular tabloid press
11/30/21 13:27
The public in the republic is concerned about the statements of the former presidential adviser to the US President
10/07/21 13:51
Anna Volkova’s book will be interesting to everyone who studies history and wants to know the Pridnestrovian unicity
09/10/21 16:15
They are organized by the Orthodox Old-Rite community with the funds of the PMR President`s grant
06/21/21 17:50
They intended to come to Rybnitsa to agitate local residents to vote for them in the upcoming parliamentary elections
06/17/21 18:16
Russian parliamentarian commented on attempts to put pressure on Pridnestrovie