Grigory Moseyko: We are all civilians

05/11/22 15:07

Grigory Moseyko: We are all civilians

Tiraspol, May 11. /Novosti Pridnestrovya/. The Principal Conductor of the State Symphony Orchestra of the PMR, Grigory Moseyko, addressed his compatriots in Ukrainian and told why his neighbors should not be afraid of Pridnestrovie.

I am speaking in Ukrainian to my compatriots: my Ukrainians, my Russians, my Moldovans. We aim for internationalism. There can't be any kind of nationalism, can't be any hostile attitude of one man towards another here. Our most important achievement is that three official languages ​​have been proclaimed. And these languages ​​are developing.

I have the great pleasure of giving interviews in Ukrainian, in Russian, I understand everyone who lives in our space, in our small space.

What do I want to wish to all Ukrainians, to all citizens of our Pridnestrovie? I am sure that we are all civilians, we are not going to attack anyone, we do not want to fight with anyone, but we will never give up something that is ours, I am sure of this.

I wish you all health, creative strength, a good mood, and peaceful skies.


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