Investment, economy and students` return - the Government summed up the results of their visit to Moscow

05/16/21 21:30

Investment, economy and students` return - the Government summed up the results of their visit to Moscow

This week the Pridnestrovian delegation held a number of important meetings in the Russian capital

Tiraspol, May 16. /Novosti Pridnestrovya/. A Government delegation from Pridnestrovie was in Moscow this week. Representatives of the ministries of the economic bloc, headed by Prime Minister Alexander Martynov, held a number of extensive meetings for several days. The topics and audience were very wide and varied, the Head of the Government said on the air of the state TV channel.

Several meetings were devoted to economic issues. Thus, at the site of the Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation, Pridnestrovian experts, together with their Russian colleagues, discussed the strategy of work during a pandemic.

“We constantly cooperate in terms of developing economic policy, so we do not hear anything fundamentally new from each other. This is very important because it means that we work in a systematic way and without surprises. The work of the Government in the context of the pandemic was positively assessed, and we also listened to the Russian experts` comments and suggestions. We will start working on many of them in the very near future. These are tips for more productive interaction between the Government and the banking system in providing credit to the real sector of the economy and, in general, in providing affordable loans to legal entities and citizens. And one more point was related to the IT industry development in Pridnestrovie,” Prime Minister Alexander Martynov said in an interview with the First Pridnestrovian TV Channel.

The Pridnestrovian Government has been receiving expert support for reforms in the economy from Russian colleagues for 2 years. The support is important and serious, it helps to coordinate the positions and understand whether Pridnestrovie is going the right way.

But this is only part of an extensive dialogue with the Financial University. Another direction is the training of qualified personnel for the PMR state authorities. It's about improving managers` professional skills. In order to competently resolve issues important for the republic, we need relevant knowledge and modern approaches.

“Already this year, quite a few of our civil servants have completed online training courses. Now we want to expand this list, in the near future we will establish our need, determine this training format, and this year we will move on to the next stage. So far, the main direction is to improve the qualifications of civil servants in order to improve the quality of management. But I think that we will work out the need of our real sector of the economy with the Pridnestrovian Union of Industrialists, Agrarians and Entrepreneurs (PUIAE) to not only include civil servants in this project,” the Prime Minister noted.   

A meeting with students was held at the Financial University. These are those who come from Pridnestrovie, but study there. The main topic of the conversation was their potential returning home. It's about practice and work in Pridnestrovie.

“For me, this conversation was a revelation, since I expected to hear demands for high salaries, instant employment for some high-level posts. This turned out to be completely wrong. The guys are quite shy in a good way. The main request we heard from them was the possibility of undertaking an internship in Pridnestrovie, including in state authorities, with a further aim of finding a job in Pridnestrovie after this practice,” Alexander Martynov said.

They will work individually with each such person. An individual specialist in the Government office will be responsible for this.

In addition, during the meetings in Moscow, they talked about investments. We are talking about a guarantor for Pridnestrovie - in order for serious investors to enter the republic, they need guarantees of the safety of investments and business. Russian banks can act as such guarantors. This was discussed at the site of the Russian Direct Investment Fund in a conversation with the leadership of the Ministry of Economic Development and with a number of investment agencies and banks.

“We managed to unambiguously determine which bank in Russia can take on the surety. There were many options, but it was possible to decide: there will be probably several banks. This is very important because it was necessary to understand how this mechanism would work. In the next few months we will need to put an end to this issue in the positive sense of this word. We hope that with the support of the Russian Federation, this mechanism will start working this year. This is a difficult process, but the most important thing is that it is ongoing and that there is a will to help us on the part of the Russian leadership,” the Head of Government explained.


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