сельское хозяйство

03/27/21 12:50
According to Minister of Economic Development, the subsidizing amount from the state was at 400 thousand rubles
03/23/21 14:33
These are farmers whose crops and perennial plantations were affected by last year's drought
02/17/21 18:42
The 7 pumping stations launching will allow increasing the irrigated land area by 2 thousand hectares
01/12/21 10:20
The supporting is for agrarians whose harvest was affected by drought in 2020
11/04/20 16:24
It will help to accumulate and purposefully distribute funds for the irrigation systems restoration
09/29/20 20:50
Agricultural producers got the assistance because the crop losses due to the adverse weather conditions
01/30/20 16:57
The proposed bill facilitates the access of agricultural producers to preferential tax
12/12/19 15:40
By the end of the year, the number of recipients of grants increased to 32 households
09/24/19 17:37
About the prospects for development of frozen vegetable products industry in Pridnestrovie