сельское хозяйство

09/25/17 18:00
It was noted that the authorities and businessmen of Russia's northern region were interested in Pridnestrovian vegetables, fruits and KVINT products
06/13/17 19:01
The total cost of the project is 8.9 billion Russian roubles
03/27/17 12:28
State-of-the-art of the agribusiness industry was demonstrated to the visitors
03/10/17 13:18
The government is already working to raise purchasing prices for milk. According to Alexander Martynov, the government is going to subsidise agriculture
01/31/17 20:13
In Russia, the main problems of our exporters were discussed and the ways of their solution were found
01/19/17 18:56
The areas of cooperation may include processing of dairy products and supply of corn to Italy.
08/30/16 12:25
The country will receive about 30 million Russian roubles for this purpose
08/11/16 12:57
A group of experts from Kubanvodoproekt and Volgovodoproekt came to the republic to plan out required works on reconstruction of the Pridnestrovie's irrigating systems
06/23/16 13:59
The factory is building a new slaughter line and planning to increase the number of poultry breeding shops
06/17/16 12:57
The minister of economic development: we are not going to abandon the policy of protecting domestic manufacturers in the short run
05/31/16 10:18
The forum's subject was "Selective-genetic and ecological-technological problems of increasing the long-lasting productivity of meat and dairy cows"
03/16/16 12:05
The right for a land share payment has been vested to the former collective farm workers who at the moment of distributing land shares did not work at agricultural organisations but had the required service time record
02/25/16 11:00
These days, the Government works over an issue concerning the support of agricultural producers