сельское хозяйство

06/17/19 16:31
It is planned to grow various varieties and hybrids of crops on demonstration plots
05/20/19 18:35
Tasty and healthy crops are highly in demand on the European market
04/25/19 19:51
It was confirmed by participants of a teleconference in the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the PMR
04/13/19 11:28
Its realization has to promote the reduction of dependence of the republic on import products and growth of an agricultural cluster in the structure of the economy
03/14/19 17:03
The innovative platform «AgroBourse 360» of the Altiad Company will help with sales of landowners products
07/31/18 20:11
The Moldovan farmers who have received temporary certificates will be able to start farming in Dubossary District since 1 August
07/04/18 17:55
Scientists have been shown innovations developed by British agricultural enterprises
07/03/18 17:30
Scientists from Great Britain impart experience of organic agriculture application
06/23/18 15:21
The parties analyzed the process of issuing farmland cultivation certificates to land users
06/15/18 21:04
Commision of Ministry for Agriculture has visited the fields processed by landowners of the Rybnitsa District
06/05/18 19:38
Over the past years, Roberto Guardigli has invested €4.5 million in the agricultural production
05/21/18 15:01
Fialt-Agro is preparing to open a dairy factory
09/26/17 12:23
The official spoke about the possibilities of building food trade relations with Russian regions