Agro-industrial complex of Kamenka district: attention of the President

06/15/21 17:59

Agro-industrial complex of Kamenka district: attention of the President

The President's attention among the enterprises of the agricultural sector of the Kamenka district was attracted by the "Put Lenina" collective farm in the village of Khrustovaya. Despite the name reminiscent of the Soviet past, this is a modern diversified enterprise that successfully combines the best agricultural traditions and modern trends in agricultural business. The President examined the collective farm fields. He was told that the total area of ​​land exceeds four thousand hectares of land. Grain and industrial crops are grown. They harvested a good harvest of wheat, sunflower, corn, barley and rapeseed in 2019-2020. This year there are prerequisites for record collection, said the chairman of the collective farm Mikhail Penkovsky. He said that they supply fruit and vegetable products to local markets. The collective farm's greenhouse is the largest in the region. This year, vegetable seedlings occupy an area of ​​1150 square meters. An important component of the company's activity is the production of meat and milk. They are also engaged in beekeeping. The President asked about the staff. The collective farm employs about three hundred people. They talked about plans to involve the economy in the land reclamation system.

The President visited the cannery in Kamenka. This enterprise, significant for the region's economy, has recently been the object of increased attention, its production indicators have raised concerns, and stagnation in development has become a subject of discussion at various levels. The situation changed with the arrival of investor. He was entrusted with quite serious obligations, including an investment within five years in capital construction, reconstruction of the plant infrastructure, technical re-equipment of the enterprise at least three million dollars. Less than a year has passed, and 3.3 million conventional units have been invested. New Italian equipment for green pea and sweet corn production line was purchased. Two combines were bought. A specialized complex for drying apple pomace, a product that is in great demand abroad as a source of pectin, which is indispensable in cooking, was installed in the tomato-juice shop. The juice equipment was repaired. Water softening stations were installed. All these measures made it possible to noticeably, in some areas, several times increase in productivity. It is not only the processing sector that is expanding, the agricultural activity of the enterprise is developing and modernizing. The reclamation complex was restored: irrigation network was connected, designed for 613 hectares of land, three sprinklers were purchased. The cost of the reclamation complex is 500 thousand Euros. 482 hectares of green peas, 62 hectares of beans, two hectares of dill, parsley and hot pepper have been sown this year to ensure its own raw material base. There are plans to plant cucumbers and squash - so far in small volumes, ​​20 hectares. It is planned to plant 253 hectares of land with sweet corn, sowing of wheat (356 ha), rapeseed (636 ha) and sunflower (176 ha) of those have been already completed. This is no longer for its own production needs, but for sale. They also planted three varieties of apples: "idared", "champion" and "florina". The total area of ​​apple orchards of the Kamenka cannery is 11 hectares. Apples are also bought from other Pridnestrovian producers, as well as imported from Moldova. The management and staff of the enterprise expect this year to almost double the range of products produced in the current year compared to 2020, to increase the production volume by 3.5 times, and to increase the utilization rate of plant capacities seven times. The corresponding order should increase the income of the enterprise, the number of employees, their wages and tax deductions, the plant workers shared their plans with the President. The staff of the enterprise has already been increased by 25 people, another 75 will start working during the harvest season. Vadim Krasnoselsky asked about new products. The President was told that the assortment innovation is dried apple pomace. Previously, it was considered a waste of production and, at best, was sent to animal feed, at worst, it was disposed of. It will be exported to Bulgaria specially dried. Another innovation is the vacuum packaging of sweet corn (previously they used exclusively tin containers). Considering the request of various buyers, there is an option for packaging products in glass.

The President concluding his inspection of the plant, noted clear changes, expressing confidence that with such a business approach, the enterprise will not only regain its former glory, but also win new markets and the hearts of consumers.


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