Draft Law on land reclamation was adopted in first reading

11/04/20 16:24

Draft Law on land reclamation was adopted in first reading

It will help to accumulate and purposefully distribute funds for the irrigation systems restoration

Tiraspol, November 4. /Novosti Pridnestrovya/. The Supreme Council adopted the draft Law "On Land Reclamation in the PMR" in the first reading at a plenary meeting today. Deputies have been talking about the need to restore irrigation systems for a long time and at different levels, including at meetings in the Government. The recent dry years have shown that the reclamation complex must be restored as soon as possible. And it not only concerns increasing yields, but also the food security of the republic in general. This year budget has already allocated money for these purposes, but due to the coronavirus pandemic, they had to be redistributed to other items. The parliamentarians believe that funds for land reclamation should be earmarked.

“Legal arrangements in this industry are regulated by Government decrees and other bylaws. We have proposed our own draft Law "On Land Reclamation in the PMR". In our opinion, this issue is very important and requires legislative regulation, not by-law. Of course, we need a state target program, but it will already be developed as a bylaw on the basis of the Law,” Oleg Leontyev, Chairman of the Supreme Soviet Committee on Agro-Industrial Complex stressed.

A clear vision for the development of the industry will make it possible to carry out regular and major repairs of reclamation networks in time, purchase equipment and machinery, and determine priority tasks, the press service of the PMR Supreme Council reports.

The draft Law includes the establishment of a land reclamation development fund, from which state target programs will be financed. In addition, the adoption of the Law will provide a planned programmatic approach for the efficiency of work on the restoration and development of the land reclamation complex of the PMR. According to the deputy corps, land reclamation is an important direction of development not only of the agro-industrial complex, but also of the republic economy as a whole. Work on the draft Law "On Land Reclamation in the PMR" will continue in the second reading.


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