Area of irrigated lands to increase in Dubossary region

02/17/21 18:42

Area of irrigated lands to increase in Dubossary region

The 7 pumping stations launching will allow increasing the irrigated land area by 2 thousand hectares

Dubossary, February 17. /Novosti Pridnestrovya/. The irrigated land area will increase due to the State program for the ameliorative complex development this year. Its area is almost 12 thousand hectares in total, however, in recent decades, only 3 thousand of them have been irrigated. Thus, about 13 out of 17 existing region pumping stations are involved in irrigation, last year only 6 of them worked.

 “We’ve already having those wishing to water use, with which agreements will be concluded. This year we will launch 7 more pumping stations that haven’t worked for more than 20 years. It’s also planned to do a recovery operation, using an equipment of Czech production, which was managed to remain in operating condition. Land amelioration, like fire-service equipment, must always be in work. We hope sincerely that we will manage to gradually restore everything,” the head of the Dubossary region in the Grigoriopol branch of the Republican Irrigation Systems State Unitary Enterprise Viktor Kozlovsky described.

In 2021, in the Dubossary region the irrigation will be carried out by 12 agricultural producers on 5 thousand hectares fields area. The largest is LLC “Lender Agroprim”: the company area of irrigated land has about 3.6 thousand hectares.

The year before, thanks to irrigation, the land user was able to grow more vegetables, the area for them was increased by 16 times. Moreover, it was possible to successfully preserve the second group grain harvest in the fields where irrigation was carried out. However, the first group croppers didn’t survive droughts.

“The water absence leads to harvest absence. The year before we had about 4.5 thousand hectares with the first group grain: rape plant, hard wheat and barley, but only 55 of them were watered. This year we are planning to irrigate wheat on a 400 hectares area, corn on 1,300 hectares, sunflowers on 600 hectares, as well as soybeans, flax, potatoes, tomatoes, and cabbage. Accomplish this, it will be possible to increase the irrigated land,” the director of LLC “Lender Agroprim” Roberto Guardigli described.

LLD “Lender Agroprim” has begun the irrigation system reconstruction on rented fields in the year of 2012. At that time the first 9 frigates were purchased, another 20 irrigation units were purchased last year. At the expense of loan at concessional rate it was possible to purchase new equipment for the land reclamation restoration. Moreover, farmers have to restore reclamation routes as well as install new overhead tracks and perform other types of work for the reclamation complex full operation.

 “It’s very good that there’s such a program to support land reclamation. It’s impossible to restore the irrigation system at the expense of the enterprise internal funds. The state helps agrarians to develop, create new workspaces and ensure the country food security,” Roberto Guardigli stressed.

This year, the agricultural producer is planning to again turn to reach out to the state for supporting and purchase additional machines for automatic irrigation.


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