07/07/15 13:46
Tax and non-tax payment revenues have decreased by 20%
07/04/15 13:08
The Economy in Details TV show of the Pridnestrovie's First Channel was devoted to this issue
07/03/15 16:08
This is what the head of Pridnestrovie' Price and Antimonopoly Committee, Vitaliy Ulitka, said in an interview with journalists
07/03/15 12:01
More than 30 insured events have been registered in Pridnestrovie since the launch of MTPL insurance
07/03/15 11:43
It is recalled that on 2 July 2014 the cooperation memorandum was signed between Russia's Federal Antimonopoly Service and Pridnestrovie's Price and Antimonopoly Committee
07/01/15 17:05
Everyone who wants can become a card holder after applying to any Eximbank branch
06/29/15 15:07
In an interview with Radio 1 journalists Alevtina Slinchenko spoke for rouble rate maintenance
06/25/15 14:50
Only domestic manufacturers will be admitted to public purchases of a certain range of goods
06/24/15 17:07
The majority of product items have fallen in price
06/10/15 14:36
The Supreme Council has approved in first reading the amendments to the law "On Pridnestrovie's Central Bank"
06/08/15 15:16
It is recalled that the five participants, who submitted complex projects covering all spheres of activities in Pridnestrovie, have reached the final
06/02/15 13:15
The system will be integrated into Russia's PRO100 payment system
06/02/15 10:47
The receipts from customs duties decreased twofold
05/27/15 16:09
Researchers presented a report about the Pridnestrovie's economy