04/28/15 13:29
Pridnestrvoie's Deputy Minister of Economic Development Dmitry Boltrushko told it at the TV program "Vovremya. Itogi"
04/27/15 21:48
Government signs an agreement on state support
04/22/15 20:59
According to the president, many statements on the economic situation are aimed at electoral struggle ahead of the upcoming parliamentary and local elections
04/22/15 13:33
The bill was aimed at minimising negative impacts on the Pridnestrovian economy
04/21/15 18:39
During the meeting discrimination measures imposed by Ukraine on goods imported to Pridnestrovie were discussed
04/15/15 18:10
The revenue decreased by 22 million in comparison with the same period of 2014
04/10/15 17:02
As the Pridnestrovie's President Evgeny Shevchuk noted during the briefing following the results of the meeting with the Moldova's Prime Minister Kirill Gaburich, Pridnestrovie's side considers it necessary to build reasonable strategy for the economic welfare through the free activity of economic agents and resource availability
04/07/15 22:50
Inna Linnik declared Pridnestrovie's Deputy Economic Development minister during the "Economy in Details" TV show of the Pridnestrovie's First Channel