Pridnestrovie's experts discussed a question of fiscal legislation reforming

07/04/15 13:08

Pridnestrovie's experts discussed a question of fiscal legislation reforming

The Economy in Details TV show of the Pridnestrovie's First Channel was devoted to this issue

Representatives of the relevant ministries, people's deputies and also heads of the Pridnestrovie's enterprises were invited to the discussion.

It's important to remind that, on June 4 of this year, the Government brought in a draft Concept of Budgetary and Tax Policy for 2016 and midterm period to the Supreme Council.

«The concept is a tax policy basis. Analytical work preceded its development. The idea of the Pridnestrovie's fiscal legislation harmonization with the tax laws of the Eurasian Economic Union and, in particular, the Russian Federation was taken as a basis. According to the document, beginning from 2016, there will be a change-over to the classical tax system, i.e. income tax will be replaced with the VAT, and also the tax on the profit and the assets of organizations," the Economic Development Minister Alevtina Slinchenko explained.

She added that, also within harmonization with the Russian fiscal legislation, there would be changes in the individual business and customs legislation spheres, state-private partnership development and privileges in this sphere.

«There were researches in 2014 in Russia which showed that tax burden exceeded 30% in the country that also conformed to the level of tax burden in Pridnestrovie. Now, the main challenge for the republic is rates in economic sectors. For example, if it concerns manufacturing, it is 60%, but if it concerns trade, it is 25%," Finance Minister Elena Girzhul noted.

The Pridnestrovie's Economic Development Minister agrees with this viewpoint. According to Alevtina Slinchenko, tax burden should be considered for every branch of economy seperately in Pridnestrovie.

«Fiscal system should stimulate industrial potential and export. It is a main idea of the Concept," she emphasized.

During the show, the representatives of the Pridnestrovie's enterprises also assessed the discussion topic.

«The concept is well-organized, it has an accurate purpose, priorities and tasks. As a result, it should provide economic stability in Pridnestrrovie," the director of the Bendery Floare Shoe Factory Boris Kichuk considers.

«After the USSR collapse, the countries of the former Union switched to the classical taxation system. Now, we have to debate on this topic, however if we had switched in 2012 when the idea had been voiced, it wouldn't have happened. The world practice shows that there have been no examples of returning to the former taxation systems so far," the deputy Economic Development Minister Dmitry Boltrushko concluded.


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