07/28/15 12:58
The engines will be used for the reconstruction of an oil pumping station
07/28/15 09:47
The increase in production is due to the growth in energy exports to Moldova
07/27/15 13:12
This and a number of other issues have been discussed today by President Yevgeniy Shevchuk and Premier Tatyana Turanskaya
07/23/15 13:36
It refers to the installation of additional production lines, particularly, ferrosilicon manganese line
07/23/15 10:52
The meeting was also attended by the economic development minister, Alevtina Slinchenko, and the head of the Bendery State Administration, Nikolay Gliga
07/21/15 11:48
The finance minister, Yelena Girzhul, commented on the economic situation in Pridnestrovie
07/17/15 17:14
The central bank has approved the tariff for processing payment operations at the rate of 0.15%. The NPS operator will not charge a commission for cash issue
07/17/15 11:19
The plant management is complaining of a considerable decline in sales and a large share of import electrical goods in the domestic market
07/16/15 14:32
During today's meeting, President Yevgeny Shevchuk also discussed with Prime Minister Tatyana Turanskaya and Finance Minister Yelena Girzhul the preparation for the 25th anniversary of the republic
07/15/15 19:02
The Pridnestrovian Republican Bank has all mechanisms required to sustain national currency rate for either mid-term or long term period
07/14/15 17:10
As compared to the first half of the last year, amounts of the international trade transaction decreased from $1.18 billion down to $0.9 billion
07/13/15 17:46
The document defines production as the preferred direction of small business development
07/09/15 14:34
This measure will be in force for two months
07/09/15 12:42
The government has approved the regulations for the support of investment projects
07/09/15 09:48
The meeting was held within a working visit of the Pridnestrovie's President to Moscow