12/24/15 12:38
President Shevchuk highlighted the necessity of maintaining a stable rate of rouble next year
12/24/15 12:15
This is the result of agreements reached with Russian partners
12/22/15 11:47
Pridnestrovian and Russian Chambers of Commerce and Industry signed the Cooperation Plan 2016
12/17/15 18:46
These measures are aimed at supporting domestic manufacturers
12/17/15 17:54
The corresponding draft law will be submitted to the Supreme Council
12/17/15 16:36
This is the slogan of a round table talk which took place in Tiraspol's branch of MIEL
12/16/15 12:27
The 2016 draft budget, approved by the government, provides for an average increase in a minimum salary calculation unit up to 7.35 roubles
12/15/15 19:35
"Though 2016 projections are not favourable, this task must be fulfilled in several stages," said the president
12/15/15 13:18
As of today, the NPS includes 21 ATMs, 300 POS-terminals in banks and 167 in commercial organisations
12/10/15 20:05
According to Alevtina Slinchenko, this is due to the fact that after the duty was introduced, many enterprises has moved their operations into the legal framework, whereas offshore schemes are only used by the companies which cannot directly perform foreign economic activities
12/10/15 19:57
The financial document provides for a 3% indexation of salaries in February and for another 2% in July 2016
12/09/15 12:15
It is planned to produce about 35,000 tons in December
12/08/15 15:02
The acting prime minister commented on a status quo in the trading relations between Pridnestrovie and the EU