02/02/16 22:12
The head of state held a meeting with representatives of Bendery's biggest enterprises
02/01/16 22:23
Owing to a sharp decline in metal roll prices and possible interruptions in raw material supply, the plant's prospects for 2016 is far from optimistic
02/01/16 22:21
The assistance will include cutting income taxes at an aggregate amount of 850,000 roubles
02/01/16 21:32
Asset Management Bureau submits preliminary results of last years work of subordinate state enterprises at the Government session
02/01/16 20:37
Owing to the devaluation of the Russian rouble, a decline in oil prices and production demand, last year turned very difficult for the plant
02/01/16 19:08
The government has backed the initiative of the Ministry of Economic Development
01/29/16 13:00
The customs authorities of Moldova are demanding that our manufacturers pay customs duties for previously imported raw materials
01/26/16 14:31
The budget deficit has made it impossible for Pridnestrovie to fight the crisis by pouring funds into the banking and industrial sectors, said the minister of economic development, Alevtina Slinchenko, on Radio 1
01/25/16 12:48
It will take effect on the following day after official publication
01/21/16 12:28
A deputy minister of economic development commented on the government's activities aimed at arranging favourable conditions for business development
01/21/16 08:57
According to the chairman of the Price and Antimonopoly Committee, this decision by the Ukrainian authorities may incur up to $165 million of losses for the Pridnestrovian economy
01/20/16 11:16
A draft law On amendments to the law of the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic 'On excise duties' was approved in first reading at the parliament's session
01/19/16 20:48
A deputy minister of economic development commented on the president's decree On implementation of the decision of the Security Council of the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic aimed to increase macroeconomic stability and maintain citizens' prosperity
01/19/16 15:53
The government is to form a crisis group with the involvement of leading economists