Archive - 2018


12/28/18 14:15
The meeting was held in Moscow and gathered active young people from both the post-Soviet space and Russian compatriots living abroad

12/28/18 14:04
More than 300 jobs will soon be opened by plant for welding wire manufacture

12/28/18 10:36
After each concert, the audience didn`t want the artists to leave the stage for a long time, giving them standing ovations


12/27/18 15:20
In World War, I of the most prestigious Russian war this awards received more than two thousand fighters of based in Bendery division

12/27/18 14:13
This agreement will become the fifth from the moment of adoption of the new investment law

12/27/18 12:36
A program to promote healthy lifestyle is next in line


12/26/18 19:14
The document will take effect on January 1 of the following year

12/26/18 18:29
The appropriate state program financed with 5.1 million rubles covers three years

12/26/18 17:23
Best of all locals are familiar with producers of alcoholic and textile products

12/26/18 15:36
Department reminded that since January 1 the payment order for storage customs duties concerning the vehicles imported by individuals will change

12/26/18 14:53
With their creative works guys told about the friendship of Pridnestrovie, Abkhazia and South Ossetia fraternal peoples

12/26/18 14:08
Vadim Krasnoselski took part in the final plenary meeting of the Supreme Council autumn session