Archive - 2015


12/29/15 16:46
This is said in a report on chief foreign-policy developments of 2015, posted on the ministry's official website

12/29/15 15:03
The analyse was made during today's meeting of the Education Ministry Board

12/29/15 14:46
The expert has come to Pridnestrovie to galvanise the work of the Dniester-Prut Centre of the Russian Institute for Strategic Studies

12/29/15 11:02
Ethnologists, historians, sociologists and political scientists from Pridnestrovie, Russia and Moldova have come to evaluate the level of ethnic and social convenience of Pridnestrovians


12/28/15 15:21
On this day the next parliamentary session is to take place


12/24/15 13:02
At the same time Yevgeny Shevchuk noted that commercial media present information fragmentary "in the interests of certain circles"

12/24/15 12:44
Budget expenditures would amount to tens of millions dollars

12/24/15 12:38
President Shevchuk highlighted the necessity of maintaining a stable rate of rouble next year

12/24/15 12:15
This is the result of agreements reached with Russian partners

12/24/15 11:57
О взаимоотношениях Приднестровья с соседними государствами Президент ПМР говорил в ходе своей пресс-конференции

12/24/15 11:37
This is what the president said during today's year-end press conference