Archive - 2016


12/30/16 15:20
At the moment, technical service of the company is monitoring cross-interference of the signals and does everything possible to decrease noise-emission level

12/30/16 10:45
Also, there are two Tiraspol residents among the record-holders of this year


12/29/16 18:25
Mayor of Novosibirsk congratulated Oleg Dovgopol on taking office of the head of the capital

12/29/16 16:18
Government of RM extends permit for import of petroleum products Pridnestrovie till July 1, 2017.

12/29/16 10:26
Specific date and conditions of possible meeting between the heads of states to be announced later


12/28/16 11:15
In the meantime, the intermediator firm will continue selling all foreign currency revenue to the PRB. The Supreme Council has passed a relevant law in two readings at once today

12/28/16 09:50
The Civil Defense Headquarters of the Interior Ministry Emergency Management Office reported about this to Novosti Pridnestrovya


12/27/16 16:53
The parliamentary committee for economy has backed President Krasnoselsky's bill on a 100% sale by electric power exporters of their currency earnings until 31 December 2017

12/27/16 14:54
President Krasnoselsky has proposed to amend the amount of the authorised capital and tax benefits for OSAGO insurers


12/26/16 12:10
The chair of the government, representatives of the government authorities and civil society have laid flowers to Russia's ambulatory consular office in Tiraspol

12/26/16 11:24
The president has laid flowers today to Russia's ambulatory consular office in Tiraspol and left the words of condolences in the Book of Remembrance and Grief


12/24/16 13:20
Taking Izmail is one of the seventeen days of Russia military glory