Archive - 2017


12/27/17 18:08
The Pridnestrovian president commented on statements by Moldovan politicians

12/27/17 16:48
They discussed further prospects of Pridnestrovie's cooperation with Gazprom

12/27/17 13:24
The document is intended for 2018-2020

12/27/17 12:34
The order of the Russian president, who signed the corresponding decree, was fulfilled by Russia's ambassador to Moldova Farit Mukhametshin


12/26/17 12:04
Commenting on the results of cooperation with Russia in the past year, the Pridnestrovian foreign minister stressed that the Russian vector was one of the most important priorities of the country's foreign policy

12/26/17 11:37
This is what President Vadim Krasnoselsky said in an interview with a Regnum journalist

12/26/17 11:30
In an interview with the news agency Regnum, the Pridnestrovian president said that the country would continue strengthening as a socio-oriented market-driven state

12/26/17 10:58
Vadim Krasnoselsky has answered a Regnum journalist's questions


12/21/17 19:20
In these circumstances, Pridnestrovians as never before need social and political integrity to protect Pridnestrovie's national idea — a course towards recognition, the professor believes


12/20/17 22:20
Vitaly Ignatyev spoke about the results of the diplomatic year and plans for the new negotiating season during a press conference

12/20/17 16:21
Commenting on the opening of the bridge near the villages of Bychok and Gura Bycului, the JCC co-chair said that "if certain forces and means are to be used to maintain peace and security, they will certainly be used"

12/20/17 12:35
The president has commented on the implementation of the project financed by the European Union


12/19/17 12:51
The head of the PRB spoke about the measures taken to stabilise the situation

12/19/17 11:26
Nearly 2.5 billion roubles will be allocated for these purposes from the Russian budget


12/18/17 22:33
They were trained in carrying out histological inspection. Professional development will provide accreditation for the veterinary laboratories in Pridnestrovie