12/02/15 17:25
Yevgeny Shevchuk noted that "the validity of election results should be discussed within the legal framework based on the democratic principle of transparency at each stage of the election campaign in order to dispel doubts to the benefit of citizens and the country"
12/02/15 12:23
Several hundreds of people have come to the CEC office
11/30/15 17:06
Today Pridnestrovie's Central Election Commission has held a press conference on the results of the single voting day
11/26/15 16:15
Artyom Tarasov, a commentator for the Novorossiya news agency, believes it is ‘Sheriff's oligarchical octopus’
11/26/15 16:10
Novorossiya commentator Artyom Tarasov has carried a journalistic investigation
11/26/15 08:51
President of PMR declared it at the meeting with Bendery residents
11/22/15 10:11
Alexander Deli voiced such opinion in the Forum talk-show of the Pridnestrovie's TV channel
11/20/15 16:02
The editor-in-chief of Odnako.Eurasia, Semyon Uralov, has commented on election processes in Pridnestrovie