Central Election Commission sums up preliminary results of Supreme Council elections

11/30/15 10:59

Central Election Commission sums up preliminary results of Supreme Council elections

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Tiraspol, 30 November. /Novosti Pridnestrovya"/. As of 10:00, 30 November, 29 district election commissions submitted protocols with the results of the 6th Supreme Council elections, the chair of Pridnestrovie's Central Election Commission, Yelena Gorodetskaya, said in an interview with journalists.

«The rest of protocols are on the way to the Central Election Commission. Based on the submitted 29 protocols, we can accept the results at these constituencies," said the CEC chair.

Below is a list of elected candidates:

Constituency No. 1 — Alexander Korshunov

Constituency No. 2 — Vladislav Tidva

Constituency No. 3 — Oleg Petrik

Constituency No. 4 — Sergey Khankevich

Constituency No. 5 — Oleg Belyakov

Constituency No. 6 — Sergey Pisarenko

Constituency No. 7 — Vadim Krasnoselsky

Constituency No. 8 — Anton Onufrienko

Constituency No. 9 — Oleg Leontyev

Constituency No. 10 — Vladimir Pelin

Constituency No. 15 — Valery Babchinetsky

Constituency No. 16 — Porfiry Shkilnyuk

Constituency No. 24 — Alexander Martynov

Constituency No. 26 — Sergey Cheban

Constituency No. 29 — Alexander Shcherba

Constituency No. 27 — Oleg Vasilaty

Constituency No. 30 — Igor Yarych

Constituency No. 31 — Yefimy Koval

Constituency No. 32 — Galina Antyufeyeva

Constituency No. 33 — Vadim Lipsky

Constituency No. 34 — Mikhail Burla

Constituency No. 35 — Yevgeny Gushan

Constituency No. 36 — Ilona Tyuryayeva

Constituency No. 37 — Igor Buga

Constituency No. 38 — Ilya Vasilyev

Constituency No. 39 — Grigory Dyachenko

Constituency No. 40 — Oleg Khorzhan

Constituency No. 41 — Vadim Levitsky

Constituency No. 42 — Andrey Mezhinsky

According to Yelena Gorodetskaya, district election commissions must sum up the results within a day.

«By 15:00 we expect all district election commissions to provide protocols. As you can see, we have announced the results from Tiraspol and adjacent to Tiraspol constituencies. The voter turnout was 47.21%, which is higher than in 2010," said Yelena Gorodetskaya.


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