09/20/21 15:30
Presidential elections will be held on December 12
11/15/20 12:54
The crowd shouts “Suitcase, train station, Russia!” and “Come on, goodbye!”
11/01/20 10:57
On the day of voting at the presidential elections in the Republic of Moldova, incidents were documented at selected locations of the Security Zone
10/31/20 16:54
Combatants protested against the participation of Pridnestrovian residents, who have Moldovan citizenship in the presidential elections in the neighboring country
04/09/19 13:53
О подготовке к единому дню голосования президента проинформировала глава ЦИК ПМР
01/31/19 17:07
More than 50 thousand citizens of Ukraine having the reasons for participation in vote live in our republic
07/11/18 18:42
Three polling stations will open on 9 September
02/19/18 22:00
The training of public observers for Russia's presidential elections was discussed during the seminar
02/19/18 14:16
The Pridnestrovian delegation was on a working visit to Moscow last week