Russia's State Duma by-elections to be held in Pridnestrovie

07/11/18 18:42

Russia's State Duma by-elections to be held in Pridnestrovie

Three polling stations will open on 9 September
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Tiraspol, 11 July. /Novosti Pridnestrovya/. Russian citizens in Pridnestrovie will take part in the State Duma by-elections to fill vacant seats in two single-member constituencies - No. 165 in Saratov Oblast and No. 98 in Kaliningrad Oblast - on 9 September.

Those seats became vacant for a number of reasons. A Kaliningrad MP, Alexey Silanov, was elected Kaliningrad mayor this April. A similar situation occurred last year in Saratov Oblast, whose representative, Mikhail Isayev, became the head of Saratov.

On the single voting day, 9 September, three polling stations will open in Dubossary District, Dnestrovsk and Tiraspol to fill in vacant seats in Russia's State Duma single-member constituencies No. 98 and No. 165, the press service of the Central Election Commission (CEC) announces.

According to the CEC, almost a month has passed since the start of the election campaign in Russia (June 15). During this time, the General Council of the United Russia party has already nominated party candidates in the above constituencies.

It is public activist Yevgeny Primakov in Saratov Oblast, who will confront Fair Russia's Nadezhda Skvortsova, LDPR member Stanislav Denisenko, Yabloko's Ilya Kozlyakov.

In Kaliningrad Oblast, United Russia has approved the nomination of a regional party member, Alexander Yaroshuk. Currently, he has only one competitor - Liberal Democrat Yevgeny Mishin. So, candidates from political parties should be nominated no later than 21 July, and the deadline for self-nominees expired on 10 July.


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