Head of PMR's CEC takes part in training seminar in Moscow

02/19/18 14:16

Head of PMR's CEC takes part in training seminar in Moscow

The Pridnestrovian delegation was on a working visit to Moscow last week

Tiraspol, 19 February. /Novosti Pridnestrovya/. Over the past week, the Transnistrian delegation, which included the chairman of the Central Electoral Commission (CEC) of the PMR, Elena Gorodetskaya, was on a working visit to Moscow, the commission's press service reports.  

Ahead of Russia's presidential elections, the head of the Pridnestrovian CEC held a number of meetings with her colleagues from Russia's CEC, including the head of the international cooperation department, Vasily Likhachev, and ordinary CEC members. Practical issues of the electoral process were discussed during a working meeting on March 18 with the head of Russia’s CEC staff, Sergey Danilenko.

In addition, Elena Gorodetskaya took part in training seminars with members of the territorial election commission established to oversee the work of precinct election commissions formed abroad. The seminar was conducted by the heads of the relevant departments of the Russian CEC.

"This seminar dealt with the issues of determining the results of voting, drawing up a protocol on the results of voting, receiving protocols from precinct election commissions," said Gorodetskaya.

It was noted that 382 polling stations with common numbering were formed in 145 countries of the world.

After the seminar, Gorodetskaya held a meeting with the chairman of the TEC, Vasily Volkov.


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