02/12/18 09:33
The head of the department of political science and public administration of SPSU explains why Russians living in Pridnestrovie need to come to polling stations on 18 March
02/05/18 14:12
The president and the head of the CEC of the PMR discussed with the Russian ambassador the formation of electoral commissions from among Russian citizens residing in Pridnestrovie
01/25/18 18:04
Specifically, the highest body of executive power was ordered to provide rooms, transport and voting equipment for the precinct election commissions
01/09/18 17:55
The Union of Russian Communities are selecting candidates to work at precinct election commissions
03/15/17 18:24
The head of the central election commission spoke about her participation as an observer in Abkhazia's parliamentary election
03/15/17 14:43
This is what head of the Pridnestrovian CEC Yelena Gorodetskaya said during a meeting with the Abkhazian president
12/20/16 12:35
The Supreme Council will make an ultimate decision on the date of the by-elections during a plenary session on 28 December
12/11/16 13:22
28.25% of voters had cast their ballot by 12:00
10/31/16 14:21
Georgy Bakhov and Vladimir Gerasyutenko have withdrawn their candidatures
09/19/16 10:32
83,2% of the voters were in favour of the United Russia party
09/18/16 12:53
The president of the PMR voted at Russia's State Duma election
09/14/16 16:52
The acting head of state has submitted the documents to the Central Electoral Commission
08/24/16 16:30
Candidates to the Russian State Duma from United Russia party are on a working visit to Pridnestrovie