08/23/16 14:26
More stations will be opened in Tiraspol as usual
08/22/16 19:38
At the upcoming elections to the Russian parliament, the citizens of the Russian Federation residing in the PMR will vote according to party lists, as well as they will be able to choose independent candidate
08/06/16 21:59
Pridnestrovian citizens of Russia will be able to vote in all cities of the republic
07/19/16 13:18
Russian citizens in Pridnestrovie will be able to vote in every city of the country
06/30/16 11:48
Twenty polling stations will be available in Pridnestrovie
06/23/16 20:34
According to the Head of state, it is one of the instruments of the pre-election rally starting before its due time
05/26/16 11:41
The regular meeting of Pridnestrovie's Central Election Commission focused on the upcoming electoral campaign
05/25/16 18:34
The Supreme Council has rejected the president's amendment suggesting a 40% turnout threshold
05/23/16 18:10
The stance of the parliamentary legislation committee on the presidential election minimum turnout has not changed
05/18/16 18:00
According to the president, the superior bodies of power should be formed, taking account for the majority's opinion. It is proposed to set a turnout threshold for presidential elections at 40 percent
04/19/16 16:29
Currently, presidential elections are declared valid at more than 50% voter turnout
04/10/16 12:07
Election is carried out in those polling precincts where they were failed or invalid in November