The Chairperson of the PMR CEC informed the President about the preparations for elections in 2020

04/09/19 13:53

The Chairperson of the PMR CEC informed the President about the preparations for elections in 2020

О подготовке к единому дню голосования президента проинформировала глава ЦИК ПМР

Single voting day will be held in Pridnestrovie on November 29, 2020. Administrative reform is on the agenda. Elena Gorodetskaya told the President during the working meeting that the Central Election Commission is taking measures to digitize the electoral process. According to her, together with the State Communication Service, preliminary work was carried out on the technical connection of territorial election commissions to the system of interdepartmental data exchange. It is planned to complete by November. The Chairperson of the CEC noted that the implementation of this project will reduce the burden on election commissions and consequently increase the efficiency of documents submitting and registering candidates.

“The Central Election Commission makes dozen inquiries for one candidate and when we are talking about single voting day, the documents for approximately 1.5 thousand candidates are considered. The introduction of contactless information exchange with authorized bodies will significantly free up the time and labor resources of election commissions of the republic, whose members, unlike their Russian colleagues, do not work on a permanent basis, but are attracted only for the election period”, said Elena Gorodetskaya. She noted that the greatest interaction in information exchange between the CEC was achieved with the PMR Ministry of the Interior.

In addition to the technical equipment of election commissions, work is conducted to simplify the procedure for nominating candidates, Elena Gorodetskaya informed the President.

Vadim Krasnoselsky, having heard the information of the Chairperson of the CEC, noted that competent organization of elections depends largely on the constructive interaction of the Central Election Commission with the state authorities that will be involved in this process. “Elections are a significant political event for any state. Representatives of the people are elected. True democracy is democracy through elected by citizens representatives. In this process, one should ensure maximum transparency and accessibility,” Vadim Krasnoselsky stated, emphasizing the need to use modern technologies and focusing on the importance of inter-agency cooperation. “If some ministries and departments have not yet moved from paper folders to electronic data carriers, they should be assisted in this transition,” the President noted, emphasizing that it is necessary to adopt the positive experience of colleagues, in this case the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

The interlocutors discussed various issues related to improving the electoral process and preparing for the upcoming elections. They spoke about interaction with representatives of election commissions of other states.


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