Head of CEC takes part in Russian Public Chamber's seminar

02/19/18 22:00

Head of CEC takes part in Russian Public Chamber's seminar

The training of public observers for Russia's presidential elections was discussed during the seminar

Tiraspol, 19 February. /Novosti Pridnestrovya/. The head of the Central Electoral Commission of the PMR, Elena Gorodetskaya, took part in a seminar at the Public Chamber of Russia. The seminar was dedicated to the training of public observers for Russia's presidential elections.

Secretary of the Public Chamber Valery Fadeyev said that 70,000 citizens had already expressed a desire to cooperate with public chambers during the presidential elections on 18 March. Agreements have been signed with more than seven public organizations.

"The interest on the part of citizens is enormous, even in December, when a law allowing public chambers to send observers to elections was passed, this task - to recruit and train an entire army of observers - seemed very difficult to us. But, it seems, at the moment we are coping with it," said Fadeyev. He added that at least 100,000 observers are expected to take part in the elections.

The main task of the observers is to assist election commissions to carry out their work in such a way that there are no complaints against it, so that during the elections no prohibited methods are used, the seminar participants said.

All violations on election day will be recorded, and in case of controversies, a mobile group will be called to resolve them.

"We have the law, conscience, civil society that we represent, and we are really not dependent on candidates and parties. We work openly for everyone, we work lawfully and honestly, "said Alexander Tochenov, head of the Chamber's working group on monitoring the implementation of electoral rights of citizens.

At the end of the seminar, the attendees were presented the Ethical Code of the Public Observer, the website of Pridnestrovie's CEC reports.


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